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Sound Healing

Take a Sound Bath Allow yourself to be bathed in the sacred sound vibrations. The vibrations of the bowls and gong will enable you to find a deep meditative state through which your body can effortlessly repair, release, heal and restore itself. Lying on a yoga mat snuggled in your blanket you will be bathed in the relaxing healing [...]


UNLEASHED-Yoga, Thrash, Dance, Sweat

UNLEASHED- Let yourself completely go! In this workshop we will yoga, thrash, dance, scream and sweat our asses off to the beat of high intensity music. We will feel everything through an intentional movement and go deep inside our souls. Get ready to feel completely uncaged! Unleash yourself! Cost: $20 Sign Up Here!


Body Scan Workshop

Join Natalie on a blissful journey through body, heart & mind. We will begin with an opening meditation to ground & set intention for your practice, & then we will travel through some soft & sweet movement before settling in for an extended savasana. Savasana will incorporate breath awareness, visualization, a guided body scan & the option of gentle [...]


Inversions and Arm-Balances Workshop

Join Brendan for a playful exploration of common vinyasa arm balances and inversions - including crow, one-legged crow, flying splits, forearm stand and more. Workshop will be tailored to attendees' focus. All levels of practitioners are welcomed. Be prepared to expand your comfort zone and address body-mind barriers. Cost $40 Sign Up Here!