Saturday September 30th, 1:30-3:30


Learn to defy gravity and embrace the elements in this dynamic Playshop! The best of many worlds meet: The Agni (fire) of acrobatics, the sukkah (sweetness) of healing Thai Massage, the Sagaravat (ocean like) flow of yoga and the Sthira (strength in grounding) of partnership and connection.

Michelle Chambers will join forces with Brian Charlton of Eastside Acro for this fun-filled workshop. Bring a friend or come alone to this basic introduction to all things partner yoga! We'll explore whole class movements, stretches and balances in “Circle-asana” before creating small groups where we will experience partner folds and assisted stretches, standing partner Vinyasa and balances. Moving on to basic Acro Yoga and transitions before we finish the class with Thai Massage. Come out and build Metta (loving kindness) with your Tribe at this unique Playshop!

Cost: $35 in advance, $40 at the door

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