The purpose of the Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship is to encourage greater diversity within the local yoga community by offering scholarships to deserving students to participate in yoga teacher training. Students receiving scholarships will demonstrate financial need and identify with one or more underrepresented groups within the local yoga community (such as but not limited to: people of color, immigrants, refugees, formerly incarcerated people, and veterans), and should aspire to also bring yoga to those respective communities.


We will leave this donation jar out at shefayoga throughout the week if you would like to make a contribution to the scholarship program. All donations will be matched by shefayoga up to $1,500. Donations are accepted as cash/check only with checks made out to "Sendatsu."


Our "Community Vinyasa" yoga class, lead by Alysha Greig, is on Sundays at 8:00AM. This class is donation only — give what you can, if you can. If you are on a 5 or 10 class package, this class does not count toward your package (it is essentially a "free" class). The purpose of this class is twofold: (1) to raise money for the Diversity & Inclusion Scholarship Fund, and (2) to provide a unique opportunity for people who might normally not attend a yoga class to feel at home and welcome in our community. By attending this class you are supporting our values of equity and social justice. Our recommendations for the donation class are included below:


if you cannot comfortably afford "regular" priced yoga classes, but still have room to contribute a little bit.


if you feel that you can comfortably afford "regular" yoga classes.


if you feel comfortable covering the cost of your yoga and a little bit of the cost of others who might not normally be able to afford class.


if you are financially comfortable and wanting to make a significant contribution to yoga scholarships.


if you are struggling financially right now and are unable to give, please know you can attend class for free. No questions asked.


To eliminate barriers of entry, there is no formal application for this scholarship. If an eligible student is interested in the scholarship, they should email Alysha Greig at Interested students can also visit for more information and to contact Alysha directly. Donte Quinine is an advisor of scholarship program and will be a part of the selection process. Please forward this information along to anyone you know who may be eligible and interested in this program.

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