Monday January 6th (2020) 6:30-9pm

Each time women gather in circles with each other the world heals a little more - African Youth Alliance

Gathering in circle to me is all about being seen and seeing; not with a passing glance but with a very direct, present - time awareness. I believe that when we gather in this way we begin to conjure up an ancient energy of circle-healing that travels back to the beginning of humankind. The shape of the circle neutralizes, so there is no one above or below, we are all on common ground and from this place we can really see that we are not alone in our struggles, longings and excitements. It is from this place we can find deep healing and true belonging. In this sharing circle for women you can expect: A sacred space held by yoga teacher and spiritual mentor Karina Brossmann, guided meditations, open-heart sharings, movement exercises, yummy snacks & more! We will come together around the values of:

Sisterhood: Having each others backs and empowering each other to speak and express our truth.

Respect for Vulnerability: Holding the sacred container of confidentiality; not sharing anyone elses story outside the circle. Celebrating each others vulnerability as a signal of power not weakness. Embracing the tears, the laughs and the deep unfoldings of each others path.

Heart-Centered Listening: When we listen to each other from our hearts we can start to access the divine, unconditional presence of love that lives deep within ourselves. Now, more than ever, we are in need of time in conscious community without distractions. A time to gather around the truth of who we are rather than the mask of who we pretend to be. This circle will become a grounding force of healing in your life; you deserve to be seen and heard. who we are rather than the mask of who we pretend to be. This circle will become a grounding force of healing in your life; you deserve to be seen and heard.

***This is a closed circle, which means once we start in January no one else will be allowed to join. It also means that once you commit to the circle you commit to being at every session. If you are unable to come to one of the sessions that is okay but you will still have to pay for all sessions.

Sharing Circle Typical Schedule: (Schedule is subject to change)
6:30pm - 6:45pm - Arrive, Opening Ceremony and Guided Meditation (This may include the burning of sage, lighting of a candle, intention setting and body scanning meditation)
6:45pm - 7:30pm- First sharing circle (Each women has the opportunity to share what is on her heart, what she may be struggling with on her path, or anything that she wants to share with the circle.)
7:15pm - 7:30pm - Movement and Sound Improvisation with Karina (Karina has her BFA in Theater and loves to incorporate interactive physical and vocal games to help break down walls and build connection with self and others.)
7:30 - 7:45pm- Snack Break (Tea and Snacks will be provided at every gathering)
7:45pm - 8:50pm- Rotating Activities (Which may include; journaling, partner activities, reflection circles, arts and crafts, and more!)
8:50pm - 9:00pm - Closing Meditation.

When: Mondays
Time: 6:30pm-9pm
Dates: January: 1/6, 1/13, 1/20, 1/27 February: 2/3, 2/10, 2/17, 2/24
Cost: $240
Location: Brossmann Home, 10101 Radford Ave. NW., Seattle

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